Summer Food Program

Do you need food for your children that are 18 and under?

Our Summer food program can help some families during the summer time.  

Supply & Demand in addition to Eligibility Requirements apply.  Please request to

reserve a spot and you will be notified by Sunday June 5th. 2022

Charity Basketball Game  Saturday May 28th 1PM 

MPA vs Lake County Sheriff’s Department.  All proceeds will go to the Well Of Hope Food Bank & Thrift Store. 

Service Lake , Polk, Osceola, & Orange Counties

Over 12,000 souls served in 2021

New Commercial Freezers Needed


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    Get connected with what is going on in your community. Reach out to us with your information or the information of someone you know who is in need of help or would like to be a part of what we are doing.

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